With over 18 Years of experience, we are always ahead of the curve by being 70X more creative, effective and innovative in our digital marketing approach & strategy.

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Engage real-time ROI

We love speed, don't let the time pass you by. We track your profit on time and in real-time.

Repurpose metrics

We don’t rely on luck, metrics and data are some of the key factors to our success.


Build instant trust and branding with a premium domain from our rare collection of domain names.

Innovative targeting

While most marketing agencies swim in the same river, we diversify our audience.

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Here is how we can help you.

01. Premium Branding

Acquire the domain you want with our help or from our in-house premium domain collection.

06. Enjoy the ride

Track your results and enjoy the 70X more results you will be getting and come back to us on step 01.

05. Adjustments

70X will micro manage your campaigns on the go making sure not a single click goes to waste.

02. Approach & Strategy

The brilliant minds behind 70X MEDIA can help you take your market-target by storm using Innovation & Creative ways of thinking.

03. Marketing Consulting

Allow us to create or take-over your marketing campaigns with advance technology and next-level ads and copywriting.

04. Scaling

Vertical, Horizontal we will help you scale your marketing campaigns to all high volume platforms that fit your audience.


Get in touch to see much more projects we worked or are working on.

Reclaim Your Privacy With, E-Commerce Project.

We build the ultimate E-Commerce Store for All Your Spying Gadgets on This Super Premium Domain.

The Stop Drinking Project.

This website was created to serve as a resource for anyone who is struggling with alcohol addiction and wants to stop drinking.

The Ultimate Internet Achieve for All Things Weird

You can expect to become the biggest website on the web for all kinds of weird findings.

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