We don't really mind about your educational background or where you are located, 70X MEDIA is always looking for creative people that know how to hustle & survive.

If you are good with words, ambitious and able to create something out of nothing you should think about getting in touch with us.

The internet has endless opportunities and we are company with great diverse.

Balance, juggle, aggregate, and syndicate.


With over 18 Years of experience, we are always ahead of the curve by being 70X more creative, effective and innovative in our digital marketing approach & strategy.

Engage real-time ROI

We love speed, don't let the time pass you by. We track your profit on time and in real-time.

Repurpose metrics

We don’t rely on luck, metrics and data are some of the key factors to our success.

Premium domains

Build instant trust and branding with a premium domain from our rare collection of domain names.

Innovative targeting

While most marketing agencies swim in the same river, we diversify our audience.

We’ll be glad to hear from you.

Tell us your story and explain in your own words how you think you are able to help grow 70X, and how you see your own growth within the company.

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